Helicopter Training with REACH Air Medical

Montana is full of wild and rugged terrain, and our search areas are often located miles from developed roads. Occasionally, dog and handler teams will be required to travel via helicopter to access these remote locations.

Recently we had the opportunity to complete the SAR Assist Lift Ticket Program with Reach Air Medical Services here in Bozeman. This training taught our dogs and handlers how to safely approach, load, and unload from the REACH Air Medical ship.

All dogs are required to wear muzzles for REACH air transportation, and many handlers opt for ear/eye protection as well.

Special thanks to REACH Air Medical for allowing us this training opportunity!

"Superpower" search and rescue dogs save lives in extreme conditions

Special thanks to ABC Fox Montana for coming out to learn about Western Montana Search Dogs on a very chilly February day! Watch the video below or click here to read the article.

... there are certain scenarios where a human’s skills just aren’t enough to get the job done in the time, area, or conditions rescuers can be faced with. That’s where man’s best friend comes in.
— Rachel Louise Just, ABC Fox Montana

Search dogs lend a paw to Gallatin County Search and Rescue

KBZK Reporter Emma Hamilton joined us at a Saturday training to learn more about how Search and Rescue dogs train to work in a variety of conditions. Click here to read the full story!

Between avalanches, lost hikers, skiers, and snowmobilers, Gallatin County Search and Rescue keep busy during the winter months. And when they respond to incidents, they have special team members with four legs to help.
— Emma Hamilton, KBZK Montana